Re: Matrix IRC bridge considered harmful

On 14/02/2020 21:08, Matthew Hodgson via desktop-devel-list wrote:

and a bridging problem that's specific to the #gnome room.

This is because (for historical reasons) there are two instances of #gnome on Matrix - one is a 'portal' into the IRC channel ( and the other is a plain Matrix room ( which has been 'plumbed' into #gnome on gimpnet.  Irritatingly there are a bunch of legitimate Matrix users in both rooms, and each see the activity of the other Matrix users bridged via IRC, which indeed looks like 'garbage'.

We'll fix this shortly by unplumbing; migrating the users in the room into the portal room (and pointing at the portal room), and then upgrading the portal room to flush out any idle users.

This has now been fixed as of 00:50 GMT or so.

Matthew Hodgson

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