Re: Matrix IRC bridge considered harmful

On Wed, Feb 12, 2020 at 7:07 pm, Zander Brown <zbrown gnome org> wrote:
My concern would be the "federal" nature of matrix where people don't need a specific chat account to join a room. Whilst there are a lot of arguments for this I'm increasingly convinced it's an anti-feature especially
if we want to enforce CoC (which, of course, we do)

What's the problem with federation? Can't we just ban individual users when there are CoC problems? Surely federation doesn't prohibit moderation? I would be far more worried about spammers (a rare problem on GIMPNet) than abusive users, and in any case the solution is to give moderator rights to more trusted users. It seems that whenever we have spammers in GIMPNet (fortunately, a rare occurrence) the IRC ops are asleep; simple solution is to just have more ops in more timezones.

I used to use my workplace Matrix account to join the fractal Matrix room. Federation worked quite nicely. If not for federation, I would not have been able to join the room at all, because fractal does not support use of multiple Matrix accounts; obviously, if I have to choose between my work account and a GNOME account, I have to pick my work account. So I'd say we definitely want federation.

Federation also makes it easier for people from unrelated communities to join. E.g. libvirt developers might join the Boxes room, or WebKit developers might join the Epiphany room, something like that. It's a tough sell to create a new user account to join one particular room for a quick conversation, but with federation you can just pop in and there's basically no cost.


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