How to manually update$PROJECT?

        Hi here,
I'm not sure whether this is the right list for this, thus I'm sorry if
it's not. Feel free to redirect me to the right place.

I'd like to ask: how do I manually update content of$PROJECT , please?

As (I guess) the [1] is no near to be fixed/implemented (even though
basically whole GNOME is affected, due to released tarballs not
containing needed files), I'd like to update it manually, if it's
possible. In case of Evolution it contains the help version from
3.22.2, which had been released almost three years ago. There had been
done a lot of improvements in the help during that time, involving
changes not only for new or changed features, but also changes
suggested by the users for some clarifications and such. It's a shame
to give pointers to an outdated user documentation (yes, people do use$PROJECT/stable/.....
to give pointers to users whom ask questions which are covered in the
user documentation).

I do not care of the process, I'm even fine to do it repeatedly around
the "main" (x.y.0) release. It could be a script on the, similar to ftpadmin-install, to which I'd pass packed
$PREFIX/share/help/ (without this path, containing only one project
help pages, in generated languages) .tar.xz and it may copy it to the
right place. Such script could have additional arguments, like the
version the help corresponds to (like x.y), and the project name to
use. As the help files do not seem to contain the $PREFIX path it
should be relative simple both for project maintainers and for the
admins. I hope. This would be much better than nothing.

I do understand there are obstacles implementing this as an automated
task during release, I do not want to blame anyone involved in [1],
that's not an intention of this email.

        Thanks and bye,

[1] transferred to then to

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