up-for-grabs.net for newcomers initiative

Hi All,

I am writing this email to introduce you all with a new sub initiative under newcomers initiative.

I would like to call this one "up-for-grabs.net initiative".

Description: Up for grabs is a really popular open source website, where most of the newcomers come to hunt projects based on their skills set and taste.

Our newcomers projects are already having a great attention thanks to our wiki, but the issue with that is you reach to newcomers wiki when you specifically search which says something like "What are newcomer projects in GNOME" ? , then you reach to that wiki. 

Up for grabs can give us more reach in that regard, because here people will not search for organizations but rather on their skills and related areas.

So, I am proposing to list our projects on up for grabs website by raising MRs to them,  for this purpose I seek advice and approval of maintainers and specially maintainers of newcomers projects. 

Please respond for following 2 important points :
1. Is it fine to list your project ?
2. If you are willing to list the project, what are some tags you might want to mention for your project that will help newcomers get it in search results , for example : GNOME, Java, vala, gtk3 , linux apps , ...

If you have any doubts and concerns about this idea/sub-initiative then please feel free to raise, I would love to hear everyone's thought about this.

*Note: I am hoping response from newcomers projects, but yes I think every GNOME project is encouraged to express their views and interest. This is one of the reasons to post it on desktop-devel list to reach other projects also.

-best regards
Gaurav Agrawal

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