Regarding Documents removal


To me Documents "failed" (i hope the word not to be rude ) because it came early in a long term adventure : we users do not want to deal with files. We would deal with music, photos, contacts, mails, disks, backup, but not files, which are boring.

If user still need to know where files are, Documents becomes useless. But offering the user the same level of features as of today, without exposing files, is difficult. Phones more or less suceed in this. But even phones have file managers - dozens on stores.

I tried Documents several times but indeed quickly ended up in Nautilus. On the other hand GNOME already has brillant apps like "Disks" or backup apps. The trend will certainly lead to ignore where files stand.

Maybe it's not interesting, too early, or will never be interesting, but too early is my bet. I just wanted to share this despite it is probably obvious to everyone =)


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