Re: preparing for a new gtk-doc release

On 02/13/2019 10:31 PM, Bastien Nocera wrote:
On Wed, 2019-02-13 at 21:58 +0100, Stefan Sauer wrote:

did anyone try the new 'no-xslt' toolchain yet? In all
you need to do is:

+GTK_DOC_CHECK([1.29],[--flavour no-xslt])
The m4 file shows the macro only taking one argument:


Or is this not the canonical version of the m4 macro?

It is actually gtkdocize that grabs the extra arg.

this is indeed not beautiful.
for meson/cmake I have no idea and would gladly take patches. The
Which one of the tools does this "--flavour" argument end up being
passed to?

Which arguments get passed to which tool, for meson, is documented
It not new args, we're calling different tools instead.

meld buildsystems/autotools/gtk-doc.{,no-xslt.}make

Sounds like this needs changes in meson itself? Would be awesome if
someone could take case of this - the diff of the makefile should be
straight forward. This would give me more time to work on gtkdoc itself.

advantage of the new toolchain is that you won't need xsltproc +
docbook-stylesheets and that it is much faster, but instead a few
python modules - see README:

If you try it out, you might see some warnings of not yet supported
docbook tags. If you encounter stuff that is not easy to get rid of,
please let me know (eg file a bug report).

I also look forward to get before after numbers.

If I don't get any bug reports in the coming week, I'll cut a 1.30

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