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On Tue, 5 Feb, 2019 at 3:58 AM, Philip Chimento via desktop-devel-list <desktop-devel-list gnome org> wrote:
Does anyone have any success stories to share? If it is actually helping other maintainers, then maybe we should just overhaul the bot a little (see suggestion below.)

This is what I was wondering as well. If one of the reasons that the mirror is there to promote contributions, but there's been no or few successful contributions made and only negative reactions, then it's clearly failing at that.

The fact that, as Chris mentioned, GitHub turns up higher in search engine results only compounds this.

For as long as GitHub does not support disabling PRs, we can think beyond the current solution and expand fron auto-close to something that brings the maintainers attention. Maybe opening an issue in GitLab that points to the original PR so that the maintainer can persuade the original PR author? Is this something maintainers would find acceptable?

Could we take it all the way and just push the PR branch to "$github_user_name/$branch_name" in the main repository on GitLab, and open a merge request automatically, then instruct the auto-close bot to direct the person to GitLab, possibly telling them how to create an account as well? Also tag the maintainer's GitHub account (if they have one) in the auto-close message, so they get a notification?

Something like this might help, especially if the bot could be bi-directional, i.e. keeps the GitHub PR open until the GitLab MR has been closed. Where's the existing GitHub bot's code located, anyone know? I couldn't find it sysadmin-bin and neither GitLab nor GitHub's code search helped. :)


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