Re: Sound Juicer support and/or EoL

I completely agree with these sentiments. It's a valuable piece of software that should not be abandoned. I volunteer to take on maintainership of it. I've never been a module owner, but this sounds like a great opportunity to become one.


On Wed, Dec 4, 2019 at 12:09 am, Luis Menina <liberforce freeside fr> wrote:
Le 03/12/2019 à 23:52, Raphaël Jacquot a écrit :
Le 03/12/2019 à 23:28, Sasa Ostrouska via desktop-devel-list a écrit :
Hi, yeah I think that the problem today is that cd rip and burning for music is a bit outdated, probably would be better to transform it to a
phone transfer
music app or a burning to USB one. YOu know what I mean, but surely
its a nice app, I used it in the past quite some.

I do still use this app for it's intended purpose, as I have tons of
friends with CDs full of classical music that they want ripped.

Totally agree. Especially when you want your music encoded with Vorbis or FLAC codecs, you have to rip from a CD as most often (but haven't checked in a while) lossless formats are not available when buying music online. I usually just buy second hand CDs on flea markets and rip them. It's 2019 and sound-juicer still makes sense. Last time I used it was 1 or 2 years ago though, when my hard drive crashed (had no backups of that one) and I had to re-rip my whole collection.
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