Sound Juicer support and/or EoL

Hey All,

After reporting an issue related to Sound Juicer, I discovered that the project has been mostly abandoned. There is still a valuable pull request open ( but for the most part active maintainance has stopped. This puts the application on a crossroads:

- Approve pending pull requests and assign a new owner, if only for minimal maintainance.
- End of Life the project, and inform all downstream projects (Fedora, Ubuntu et al) te remove it from their repositories in future releases.

I lean towards the first. The application is mostly functional so I wouldn't throw the baby out with the bath water. A few small patches (Like the one linked) can keep it going for a few more years.

Kind regards,


ps. First time ever on a mailing list, so please let me know if I'm way to formal or if I make a very Dutch impression.

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