Re: Proposal: Replace all references to master/slave in GNOME modules

This should go without saying, but master branches are not a reference to slavery, rather to canonicity. The master branch is the canonical branch, the primary copy. The relevant dictionary definition here (Merriam-Webster) is "an original from which copies can be made." As was pointed out by Ask on GitLab, this is about as much a reference to slavery as Jedi Master. We should go to reasonable lengths to avoid offending reasonable people, but if someone is offended by innocuous phrases like Master's degree, master plumber, Masterpiece Theater, or the word "masterful," then I'd suggest rethink why and consider that it's probably not reasonable.

Your first reference doesn't even mention slavery, but complains that the language is gendered, based on an archaic definition (little boy, "young master"). This was true 200 years ago. It's rarely ever used today.

Naming your primary branch something other than the universally-accepted default branch name is going to confuse and irritate an awful lot of developers for almost no benefit.


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