Re: Proposal: Replace all references to master/slave in GNOME modules

On Thu, Apr 25, 2019 at 00:20, mcatanzaro gnome org wrote:
We should go to reasonable lengths to avoid offending reasonable people, but if someone is offended by innocuous phrases like Master's degree, master plumber, Masterpiece Theater, or the word "masterful," then I'd suggest rethink why and consider that it's probably not reasonable.

This is objection 1) from the original proposal. Sadly, neither you, nor I, nor dictionaries get to choose what terms carry current or historical significance, positive or negative.

Naming your primary branch something other than the universally-accepted default branch name is going to confuse and irritate an awful lot of developers for almost no benefit.

This is objection 2) from the proposal. How specifically will it cause confusion and irritation given that, as I have pointed out, the disruption is essentially minimal?

In any case, there are several clear and positive benefits of doing this. Aside from it simply being the right thing to do, it also helps addresses Timm's concern about lack of developers - the whole point of improving social inclusivity is to widen the pool of people who would be interested in contributing to the project.

We took a step in the right direction with the CoC, lets finish the job properly.


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