Re: Retiring app menus - planning for 3.32.0

On 09/20/2018 02:19 AM, Allan Day wrote:
I've written some updated guidelines for the initiative
and I'd appreciate it if people could check them over.

From the link:

"There is no need for the Quit menu item and the recommendation is to
remove it from all locations."

 - What about applications that have multiple windows? It seems
cumbersome to track down all your windows to ensure the application exits.

 - If we were to do this in conjunction with systemd/cgroup2 CPU
priority for foreground/background applications (like Android) I'd feel
a lot better about it.

 - I'm also concerned due to how many applications we've had over the
years that get themselves into various types of spin loops. Do we want
to rely on the compositor/shell for force quit?

 - Perhaps this also should be attempted in conjunction with
save/restore session APIs like the old days of SMClient so that we are
more free to kill/freeze background applications on constrained devices?

-- Christian

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