Re: Making a phone call with GNOME


On 27 March 2018 at 16:56, Aleksander Morgado <aleksander gnu org> wrote:

Firstly, there are only two existing free GSM middleware frameworks:┬╣ (FSO) and oFono┬▓.  FSO is actually a whole
smartphone middleware, including not just telephony but contacts,
alarms, audio, battery and so on.  We are explicitly targetting the
GNOME platform which already provides a lot of (all of?) what FSO does.
We cannot use FSO or else we would conflict with our goal of building on
the GNOME platform.  Hence, we must use oFono.

A third option that fits well within GNOME is ModemManager. It
supports voice call management as well since some time ago:

Not saying it's a direct replacement of oFono in this area though,
oFono is likely more mature in all voice related operations. But
ModemManager voice support has been used for some time in several
professional setups, including trains and cars.

Yeah, while oFono might have more maturity in terms of voice related
operations, there are many reasons not to use it IMO:

It's up to you of course what you choose for your platform but if you
will be making use of Geoclue2 and decide to use oFono, you will need
to write the backend of oFono.


Zeeshan Ali

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