[GSoC] Mentors: Time to review students proposals

Hello GSoC Mentors,

Students have already added their final proposals to the GSoC website and we cleaned up everything so you can search for the ones that you are interested in.

In order to get the students who you want into the accepted slots, go to https://summerofcode.withgoogle.com/ and search for the proposals that you want to mentor. Then you need to do the following:
- Make sure you have marked all proposals you'd like to accept as "want to mentor". If you have multiple proposals for the same project, you need to pick the one which you want to accept.
- In the comments section of the proposal on the GSoC website, include a score (explanation of score below*) and any comments about your experience mentoring the applicant, including how strongly you feel that they should be accepted for the program.
- If you want to mentor more than one student, send us an email at soc-admins gnome org to confirm this. Please make sure that you will have enough time for two students. It's expected that you spend around 10 hours per week per student. Google  strongly recommends that a mentor accepts only one student, so we need to be careful when we accept these exceptions.

It is important to do these steps soon - the sooner this is done, the more likely you are to get the students you want! In any case, do this before 20/04/2018 (2018-04-20 :P )

*Score scale (half point rankings, e.g. 4.5 or 3.5, are ok):
5 = amazing applicant, could become a module maintainer on completing the program, made extensive contributions to GNOME of high quality
4 = strong applicant, will certainly do a good job, made substantial contributions to GNOME of high quality (> ~100 lines of code or equivalent)
3 = good applicant, but is somewhat inexperienced
2 = is unlikely to do a good job
1 = not a good candidate

Also remember that when mentoring in GSoC, we expect that you:
- Fill evaluations at least 3 days before the official Google deadline. We need some time to tie up loose ends. Your student will fail and GNOME will get penalized if the evaluation is not filled on time.
- Spend around 10h per week with the student on reviewing code, helping them, chatting, etc.
- Set weekly goals and review the goals in weekly meetings.
- Review code submissions of the student thoroughly and in a timely manner.
- Communicate regularly with the student.
- The student is on planet.gnome.org before the end of the community bonding phase.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to send us an email to soc-admins gnome org (preferred) or contact one of us on IRC.

Have a nice day,
GSoC Admins

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