Re: Making a phone call with GNOME

On 19/03/2018 13:27, Simon McVittie wrote:
There's no way we could have designed this correctly in Telepathy
without being aware of protocol quirks like these, and indeed this
API wasn't present in our first attempts (initially we could only
represent one-to-one conversations and named chatrooms, like in XMPP
and IRC).

Just to illustrate Simon's point further - Matrix doesn't currently have a first-class concept for 1:1 conversations; instead a 1:1 conversation is just a room which happens to have two people in it (although we do track whether the intent for that room is to use it for DMing a given user). The reason is in part because it's incredibly common and useful to be able to invite 3rd parties into 1:1s - especially bots or assistants (human or machine)... and also to keep the API simpler and less special-casey.


Matthew Hodgson

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