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On 15/03/18 19:13, Simon McVittie wrote:

the hard division between one-to-one
messages and chatrooms in XMPP is unlike the variable-number-of-users
"switchboards" in the now-defunct MSNP.)

Out of interest, does Telepathy expose that difference?  To me, that
kind of distinction seems like an implementation detail that I would
expect to be abstracted away.

If the UX that your users expect is very much "the same shape" for a
pair of protocols, then perhaps it makes sense to have an abstraction
across those protocols; but is that really the case for all of them?

Good question.  You tell me? :-)

I asked a friend of mine if I could observe her using WhatsApp.  To me
it looks a lot like, if not exactly like an SMS/MMS messaging program.
And I would imagine Facebook's Messenger program.  And no doubt lots of
other messaging programs.  There doesn't seem to be any difference in
the basic UX.  Group conversations, one-to-one conversations, text,
emojis, pictures, videos, possibly VoIP.

Of course, I don't have the depth of protocol knowledge that Telepathy
developers like yourself built up so perhaps my view is naive.



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