Re: Making a phone call with GNOME

On 19/03/18 13:27, Simon McVittie wrote:

You can't[1]
have an XMPP conversation with two peers without joining a (named)
chatroom. Even if *you* send every message to both of those peers,
their clients won't know that they should send replies to both you and
the other peer.

In contrast, on MSNP, you could start a two-party conversation and later
decide to invite a third person.

Reflecting on this, it does seem like a subtle but pernicious problem.

There's no way we could have designed this correctly in Telepathy without
being aware of protocol quirks like these, and indeed this API wasn't
present in our first attempts (initially we could only represent
one-to-one conversations and named chatrooms, like in XMPP and IRC).

Can I ask how this was eventually exposed in the API?  Was there a
boolean property on some interface, or separate interfaces for the
different semantics, or something else?



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