Re: [GitLab] IMPORTANT: Mass migration plan

On Tue, 2018-03-20 at 18:01 +0100, Carlos Soriano wrote:

Hi Carlos,

Bugzilla will only allow comments by June 1st 2018. Reporting new
bugs on Bugzilla will be disabled. New issues will be reported and
managed in GNOME's GitLab.

GStreamer uses GNOME's bugzilla with git hosted on

We're looking to move to fdo's gitlab instance once it's ready, but
given our possibly unique situation I expect that this will take a bit
of work and co-ordination between multiple parties.

Switching bugzilla read-only on 1 June 2018 might put us in a bit of a

This is in just over 2 months time. I don't know if that's enough time
for us to move everything over to gitlab on fdo, and I don't think we'd
want to move to gitlab.gnome only to move to gitlab.fdo shortly after.

Do you have any insight with regard to how much effort this will be for
us to move from bugzilla.gnome to gitlab.fdo given the existing scripts
and such?


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