Re: Making a phone call with GNOME

Le jeudi 15 mars 2018 à 15:41 +0000, Bob Ham a écrit :
On 15/03/18 14:48, Nicolas Dufresne wrote:
Le jeudi 15 mars 2018 à 10:39 +0000, Bob Ham a écrit :

There's no existing dialer in GNOME

Note that this is not entirely true, there is a dialer in Empathy
already. It's most likely a miss-fit for a Phone UI (just like most
Gnome application if left unmodified).

To be clear here, when I say "dialer", I mean something with a typical
phone interface; a 3x4 grid of buttons with numbers, '*' and '#'.  I
know Empathy can request channels from telepathy-ring⁰, I've got it to
do that with an SMS channel but couldn't seem to poke it into requesting
a call though I expect it's possible.  Is that what you mean when you
say there's a dialer in Empathy or is there a 3x4 button grid somewhere
that I missed?

To be clear, I mean that Empathy Call UI have a dial pad with all this
with the DTMF implemented. So the code is there. Mostly all what we did
on the Nokia phone was also implemented in Empathy for SIP. What's
likely missing, is to enable that UI to initiate a call. What I don't
mean to, is that this is not ready for a Phone UI, it needs a design
and a better workflow.

Also, from random Google Image search:


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