Re: Making a phone call with GNOME

On 15/03/18 14:48, Nicolas Dufresne wrote:
Le jeudi 15 mars 2018 à 10:39 +0000, Bob Ham a écrit :

There's no existing dialer in GNOME

Note that this is not entirely true, there is a dialer in Empathy
already. It's most likely a miss-fit for a Phone UI (just like most
Gnome application if left unmodified).

To be clear here, when I say "dialer", I mean something with a typical
phone interface; a 3x4 grid of buttons with numbers, '*' and '#'.  I
know Empathy can request channels from telepathy-ring⁰, I've got it to
do that with an SMS channel but couldn't seem to poke it into requesting
a call though I expect it's possible.  Is that what you mean when you
say there's a dialer in Empathy or is there a 3x4 button grid somewhere
that I missed?


A simpler abstractions would make everyone's life easier.

No doubt.  Perhaps a Telepathy-NG is needed?

The future that I'm looking towards is one where the Librem 5 is a
shining beacon of harmonious Telepathy-based telecommunication magic

Maybe you want to finish the Telepathy 1.0 spec then ?

Maybe :-)



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