Re: Release team now using gnome-build-meta repository, not JHBuild

Sorry I've been slow on this thread, it's an inopportune time as I'm
stuck in all day meetings all week...

On Wed, 2018-01-24 at 14:24 -0600, mcatanzaro gnome org wrote:
On Wed, Jan 24, 2018 at 2:11 PM, Florian Müllner <fmuellner gnome org> 
Really, the only thing I disagree with is that RT appears to actively 
discourage maintainers from updating JHbuild before everyone actually 
has the option to make the switch - sure, if updating GTK+ fails for 
me because harfbuzz gained a new dependency, I'll be able to figure 
out what that dependency is, what's its upstream is and whether it's 
available in reasonably current distros. But it'll be a lot easier 
and quicker for whoever made the change in the first place :-)

Maybe we should delay this until BuildStream can generate OS images. 
Tristan, what do you think...?

Delay discouraging updates of JHBuild ?

The main motivation so far for keeping JHBuild on life support was for
Builder users who use the JHBuild integration features, giving Builder
some time to catch up, and I think we're talking about a fairly low
volume of backports for a fairly short time anyway so I'm not opposed.

I don't want us to start moving backwards either. Great progress has
been made and it's an ongoing effort, in the meantime there will be
growing pains and we should be attentive and make sure people are not
left behind.


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