Re: X wants to inhibit shortcuts on Wayland

On Wed, Dec 06, 2017 at 09:34:00PM +0000, Michael Aquilina wrote:
I have noticed an application that I currently maintain, show this
message after pressing the keyboard shortcut that activates it.

"Synapse wants to inhibit shortcuts"

You are given the choice to allow or deny, but both dont seem to do
anything since the message pops up when the key combination is pressed

The project is written in Vala and can be found here

Is there something that I need to update to prevent this message from
showing when using Wayland?


In gtk+-3.22, the Wayland backend tries to guess whether the application
wants to actually inhibit shortcuts (e.g. if it's a virtual machine
viewer or remote desktop viewer etc). It does this by assuming that if
you explicitly grab the keyboard only on a toplevel window, it
translates this into a "inhibit shortcuts" request which eventually
results in the dialog you see.

The way to avoid this is to not take a keyboard-only grab on a
toplevel window.

However, looking at the available gtk+ 3.22.x releases, it seems that a
the "toplevel only" restriction in the above mentioned guessing
machinery is not available in any release; so check whether your
distribution includes the patch "gdk/wayland: Restrict shortcut
inhibition to keyboard grabs on toplevels".



Michael Aquilina
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