Re: Gitlab hosting - Fwd: Transmitter - GUI for transmission-daemon and transmission-remote

Since Sébastien brought this up.

Do we want to advertise hosting space if people are thinking of writing  GNOME applications as part of a greater desire to create a more solid GNOME/GTK+ developer community?

Advantages are that we would be more active in what our developers are writing and see problems with development.  There would also be a path for more maintainers in parts of the eco-system.  Also a place for new designers to find tasks to do.

The engagement/marketing team could start reaching out to developers to host their GTK+/GNOME project there.  The only issue would be to understand the costs of hosting as that could be problematic in the long term.  It could be a great problem to have provided we have stable funding sources.



Having a hosting space for potential GNOME apps certainly would attract a developer community, I believe.

If hosting space is an issue, at least a single space where developers and designers could add a link and description to their project could energize these developers/designers to be more active on the GNOME community. Nothing like having your project receiving some attention ;)

Felipe Ferreira da Silva

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