Re: Let's kill gnome-common!

Emmanuele Bassi wrote:

I do not want to steal the thread, but when talking about ports to
Meson, would it make sense to finally fix the infrastructure to work
with other than automake files too [1]? It's when generating the
content for developer.| Considering that plenty of
projects already use Meson, either exclusively or as an alternative for
autotools scripts, then it would be a good idea, from my point of view.
I'd help myself there, but I do no speak pythonish. I guess someone
with the knowledge would have that fixed relatively quickly.

Work is in progress to let maintainers upload tarballs with the
generate API reference for; I assume would follow the same pattern — but of course we only
have one Frederic, so help is indeed welcome.

Actually is different and easier as the mallard files
can be converted to HTML without a full build environment (contrary to
gtk-doc); a plan is laid out in bugzilla (#785522) and should be quite
simple for anybody with some Python experience: should
  be updated to detect other cases, like looking for "set(HELPID" in
  CMakeLists.txt files, or help_files in

  should be changed to get the list of mallard files from those
  CMakeLists.txt/ files. (alternatively it could just take
  pages and figures and list of languages looking at the filesystem but
  then it may fail with pages/languages that are present in git but not
  supposed to be used).


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