Fwd: Official GNOME subreddit

Hello all,

I know this is going out to everyone, so I'll keep this short and sweet. We recently gutted and cleaned the official GNOME subreddit:


I believe this page is probably the easiest and most transparent place for us to interact with the community, as it offers a low barrier to entry and less-officialness than either mailing lists, IRC, or GitLab. This subreddit is a good place to make announcements, bounce ideas, get trolled, have open discussions, the works.

With that said, we have implemented special badges called "flairs" that we can assign to you if you so choose that will set you apart from the rest of the community. If you would like a flair added to your account 1) you need to be subscribed, and 2) you need to contact a moderator. Right now your choices are "GNOME Foundation", "GNOME Developer", "GNOME Contributor", or "GNOME Designer". We can make more if we need.

I hope you guys take a moment to look at this subreddit and perhaps consider using it as part of your information dissemination strategy. The more of us that use it regularly, the better it is overall.

Cheers and happy holidays,

 -Britt Yazel

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