GitLab status update

Hello all,

I'm happy to announce our GitLab instance at is now officially open to host GNOME projects!

For those who sent me an email in the last months to be part of the pilot program please contact me again to coordinate the migration of your projects.

Also a status update and important tip for all of you:

GitLab UI redesign
GitLab did a major UI redesing in the last months and has a per user setting to use it turned off by default. Since our instance of GitLab is probably the first time using GitLab for most of you, to avoid major disruptions in an eventual future when this UI becomes the default you can turn it on now: click your profile icon -> "Turn on new navigation". In my personal experience and what I could read it's quite stable and finished.

Status update
We keep working on GitLab migration, more and more projects are starting to appear in our instance, you can check them exploring the projects in our instance.

In particular, I created a new group named External where we can host projects that are closely related to GNOME and would like to use our infrastructure but are not official GNOME. This is an early attempt to opening ourselves more to a wider world.
So far there is only one project, that would have to live in the Freedesktop space, but I feel more comfortable having it here for the time being. It's something I think worth to explore, but keep in mind the guidelines for accepting a project in there are in an early stage.

Also early attempts to set up CI are being done, and we have successfully set up the first project with CI which is already helping to make sure the merge requests are merged only if CI passes. Green future is coming to our build status.

Some concerns about performance were raised, the last update of GitLab brought the first results of the new team at GitLab for performance improvements. You can read more at in the 9.5 release post.

As always, if you have any question, feel free contact me or reply here to this email.

Carlos Soriano

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