Re: Bugzilla migration tool user accounts

On Thu, 2017-11-30 at 05:43 +0000, philip chimento gmail com wrote:
On Tue, Nov 28, 2017 at 6:48 AM Nicolas Dufresne <nicolas@ndufresne.c
a> wrote:
Le mardi 28 novembre 2017 à 14:56 +0100, Bastien Nocera a écrit :

On Tue, 2017-11-28 at 04:21 +0000, philip chimento gmail com
Hi list,

This is about the migration tool for Bugzilla bug reports to
issues. See, for background, issues [1] and [2]. Currently, the
migration tool posts all the migrated issues and their
comments as one single user; either the maintainer who runs the
script, or a special 'bugzilla-migration' user.

At the very least, I'd expect people who were on CC: for the
bugs to also be CC:ed on the GitLab issues.

I'm currently on the CC: list for more than 2000 bugs in
Bugzilla. That
doesn't cover modules for which I'm a co-maintainer and would
received automated -maint gnome bugs emails. I would hate to have
resubscribe to every one of those by hand.

I already found the 20-odd bugs I was CC:ed on in gnome-calendar
a pain
to resubscribe to, so you can imagine with 2k bugs.

Also, my gitlab registered e-mail address isn't the
same as
my bugzilla mail address. It's another problem you might run into
the migration script.

To be checked in the script, but you have to make sure your
email is listed in gitlab (it supports multiple email). After
there will be no issue removing old emails. You can also change
email in bugzilla too if you want, that works these days.

Indeed, I'm not planning to support an outside mapping of emails
other than what is in GitLab — good catch that GitLab accounts can
have more than one email address. I'll need to check that the script
will behave properly in that case.

Bastien, do you also mean to imply that the wish to be subscribed to
2000 issues means that receiving >2000 mails won't be a problem?

That's fine if I only receive a single mail for each issue. It's either
that, or having to resub to each issue, or lose track of issues I'm
interested in, neither of which are particularly appealing.

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