Bugzilla migration tool user accounts

Hi list,

This is about the migration tool for Bugzilla bug reports to GitLab issues. See, for background, issues [1] and [2]. Currently, the migration tool posts all the migrated issues and their associated comments as one single user; either the maintainer who runs the script, or a special 'bugzilla-migration' user.

I'd like to open the discussion, as suggested in those two issues, about posting comments as the actual comment author (if their email can be matched to a GitLab user.) So, instead of comments coming from 'bugzilla-migration' or the maintainer who runs the script, if I had commented on a Bugzilla bug that was migrated then the comment on GitLab would actually be coming from the @ptomato account, and we wouldn't need all the extra quoting.

On the pro side,
1. the flow of the comments is more natural and readable that way.
2. it ensures that existing subscribers to a Bugzilla bug remain subscribed after the migration.
3. it associates people's past contributions to GNOME with their current bugtracker accounts.

On the con side,
4. "impersonating" a GitLab user, even to post content that they had already written elsewhere, could be uncomfortable to some people.
5. it would send a lot of GitLab email which would be annoying.
6. it would require giving the 'bugzilla-migration' account admin access, which means that access tokens wouldn't be given out so easily to maintainers in order to run the migration script.

(It is probably possible to prevent #5 from happening.)

I'd like to know if anyone has any strong opinions one way or the other, any remarks on the above points, or any pros or cons that I haven't thought of?

Philip C

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