Re: Bugzilla migration tool user accounts


On Tue, 2017-11-28 at 04:21 +0000, philip chimento gmail com wrote:
Hi list,

This is about the migration tool for Bugzilla bug reports to GitLab
issues. See, for background, issues [1] and [2]. Currently, the
migration tool posts all the migrated issues and their associated
comments as one single user; either the maintainer who runs the
script, or a special 'bugzilla-migration' user.

At the very least, I'd expect people who were on CC: for the Bugzilla
bugs to also be CC:ed on the GitLab issues.

I'm currently on the CC: list for more than 2000 bugs in Bugzilla. That
doesn't cover modules for which I'm a co-maintainer and would have
received automated -maint gnome bugs emails. I would hate to have to
resubscribe to every one of those by hand.

I already found the 20-odd bugs I was CC:ed on in gnome-calendar a pain
to resubscribe to, so you can imagine with 2k bugs.

Also, my gitlab registered e-mail address isn't the same as
my bugzilla mail address. It's another problem you might run into with
the migration script.


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