Re: All stable flatpak builds moved to flathub

I do understand that some small projects with limited workforce will
need to rely on third parties and in that I see value in what Flathub
is right now, but:
* I don’t think there should be a single “Flathub” (as a repo hosting
platform), but that Flathub itself should indeed be the way to
discover the platforms[0].
* I don’t think GNOME apps should have been moved away from GNOME
infrastructure[1]. Yes, anyone can host their own repository, but if
even GNOME didn’t bother why would anyone else?

This makes me think a little. Before I thought that flathub would be a site that would allow me to find applications in flatpak format from anywhere, for example if Steam had its own repo, I could find it anyway in flathub, however, now I see that developers "must" host their applications in that repository ... what sets it apart from the Canonical Snap store in practice?

I understand the advantages of having everything in one place as a repository, but I thought that flathub would follow a more open model and could discover third-party apps repos.

Those are my two cents as a user.


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