Re: All stable flatpak builds moved to flathub

Is it of no concern that the main repository through which GNOME is to
distribute all stable flatpaks (Flathub) contains several malicious,
non-libre programs? (With nothing reminiscent of radical separation
from the libre ones, too, from what I’ve noticed.)

// Tirifto

The goal of flathub ( is to be a single location
where you can find builds of the latest stable version of linux
desktop applications, ideally maintained by the upstream author. That
way the experience for flatpak users is much nicer, just add one
remote and you can then find all apps via e.g. gnome-software.

In line with this, I last week moved all the remaining applications
from the gnome-apps-nightly stable branch to flathub and disabled
further builds from the stable branch. gnome-apps-nightly is still
used for the semi-automatic nightly builds from git master though.

This means that in the future, stable releases that wants to be
flatpaked should be built via flathub. I wrote some docs on how do to
this on the flathub wiki:

This week mail out all the maintainers of the current apps and ensure
they have access to the new repos. If anyone wants to add new apps to
flathub, the instructions for that are here:

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