Re: User account for migrating Bugzilla issues to GitLab

On Mon, Nov 13, 2017 at 5:07 AM Carlos Soriano <csoriano gnome org> wrote:
Amazing job Philip, those examples look really good with the review of the patches included.

Agree with Emmanuelle, seems Alberto won't have much time for the time being so let's move it to our instance if Alberto agrees. You can create a repo on your own namespace with those changes and I will move it to /GNOME.

Thanks. It seems you've done this already, so I'll just re-point my pull requests there.

By the way, any bikeshedding is welcome on the emoji that illustrate the various actions :-) I know other people who have much greater skill at picking just the right emoji than I do.

> One thing I'd like to check before I do that is whether it would be possible
> to do the migration logged in as a "bugzilla-migration" user on GitLab, for
> which I've opened an issue [3]. It would be a nice bonus to not have myself
> auto-subscribed to every issue that is migrated :-) It seems like it should
> be possible for a GitLab admin to create this account and, for example, give
> out a time-limited access token to a maintainer who wanted to run the
> migration script.
> If the bugzilla-migration user had admin permissions, it looks like the
> script could even post comments as the user who originally made the comment
> on Bugzilla, if that GitLab user exists. (On the other hand, it seems risky
> to hand out access tokens, even time-limited ones, to an admin account.)

Any comments on the bugzilla-migration user?

Philip C 

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