Re: User account for migrating Bugzilla issues to GitLab

Thanks, Philip: this is much appreciated.

Since Alberto won't likely have time to work on this for a while, and
since this code should live in GNOME's own GitLab instance, how about
we create a new repository there?


On 13 November 2017 at 00:14,  <philip chimento gmail com> wrote:

I've spent the weekend hacking on Alberto's Bugzilla-to-GitLab migration
script and I've made some nice improvements in the readability/friendliness
of the automatically generated issues, in my opinion. With everything in
this merge request [1] I've got it in a state where I'm happy to start
migrating issues for GJS from Bugzilla to GitLab.

I also have a couple of GJS-specific changes which are here [2] in case
anyone else is interested in copying them.

One thing I'd like to check before I do that is whether it would be possible
to do the migration logged in as a "bugzilla-migration" user on GitLab, for
which I've opened an issue [3]. It would be a nice bonus to not have myself
auto-subscribed to every issue that is migrated :-) It seems like it should
be possible for a GitLab admin to create this account and, for example, give
out a time-limited access token to a maintainer who wanted to run the
migration script.

If the bugzilla-migration user had admin permissions, it looks like the
script could even post comments as the user who originally made the comment
on Bugzilla, if that GitLab user exists. (On the other hand, it seems risky
to hand out access tokens, even time-limited ones, to an admin account.)

Any GitLab gurus have thoughts on this?

Here are some examples of what the tool's output now looks like, on the
GitLab test instance:
The full list is here [4].

Philip C


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