Re: Porting applications to meson

Hi Iñigo,

El lun, 22-05-2017 a las 21:29 +0200, Iñigo Martínez escribió:

I have been using meson for some months now at work, and I've taken
advantage of what I learned to port some applications' build systems
to it (gnome-todo[0], bijiben[1] and gnome-calendar[2]). While I'm
waiting for those patches to be reviewed, I could also help on porting
other applications' build systems too, although there is some work in
progress[3][4] and I would rather not start working on any random
application duplicating someone else's work.

Is there any application that no one is working on and that it would
be interesting to port it to meson?

Please, do not hesitate to contact me. I can try my best :)

I've been today reading the meson documentation to try to port
libgepub[1], but I can't find any example of a lib with gir and all
this stuff, so I decided to wait until other libs are ported.

libgepub have a simple lib with gir and an executable for test. If you
want to help on this, I'll appreciate. If anyone knows about other
gnome lib with gir that now implements meson build, that would be a
good resource to copy code from.



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