gnome-settings-daemon/gnome-control-center under new ownership


At GUADEC 2010, Matthias asked Richard Hughes and I to help with gnome-
control-center's port to GTK+ 3.x and update all the panels to the new
control-center shell that Jon McCann had been polishing.

Skip forward 7 years later, and I'm mostly doing patch reviews for
features and redesigns done by others, along with being the person that
rejects adding new options.

I'm writing this mail because I want to be able to focus on writing
code again, implementing new features desktop-wide such as integrating
OOM handling into the desktop, porting our session handling to systemd,
dealing with kernel bugs and, finally, spending some time on my old
friend Videos.

Rui will be taking over handling of day-to-day operations for gnome-
control-center and gnome-settings-daemon. I'll still be around to
handle bugs in my own area of expertise (such as the Bluetooth panel or
the fingerprint integration).

If you have long-standing bugs still opened because the maintainer got
jaded, or because your patches didn't get reviewed, please connect with
Rui to get a fresh look.


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