Re: Proposal to deploy GitLab on

On Tue, 2017-05-16 at 10:51 -0400, Shaun McCance wrote:
That said, here's a potential pain point

please, do not forget of Bugzilla integration with backtraces. It can
colorize them, it can show possible duplicates with score when the
backtrace is opened in its own window, and it can even notify the
reporter that the backtrace matches some other bugs and it offers the
reporter to eventually join an existing bug, instead of filling a new
bug report. Of course, an average user cannot decipher backtrace of
random projects, thus it's fine he/she files a new bug report, but my
main point for Bugzilla is that it knows what to do with inline
backtraces. Does gitlab issue tracker know it too?

Also, with respect of searching in Bugzilla, what some folks in this
thread call complicated, I call powerful. Bugzilla is powerful in
searching. The search UI can be complicated, that's why there is a
Simple and Advanced search page, but it allows you do many good things.

I've seen a screenshot of the gitlab issue tracker in an early stage of
the wiki page [1], which I cannot find right now. It was full of
colored tags, which effectively hid the main purpose, the information
which had been meant to be shared. The page looked like a rainbow, not
like a clean interface to share information between the reporter and
the developer.

One of the test issues [2] also looks somehow odd, but maybe if I would
get use to it, then it might not be that bad as it looks like now. How
many comments does it show? Four? One? Something in between? It looks
like there are four of them, all grey thin font (hard to read), and
wasting like 1/3 of my browser window height. Height is problem, not
width, with wide screens. I didn't try how it looks like on a cell

The issue [3] also says:

Carlos Soriano @csoriano mentioned in issue #30668 (closed) 2 weeks ago

Should that "mentioned" be "is marked as duplicate" instead? I can
mention bugs between itself and I do it all the time (like "this is
partly related to bug #1234", or even "can be duplicate of bug #1234",
which used to do bug squad folks in the past too), but it doesn't mean
they are duplicates, neither that I want to add some possibly
misleading automated comment into the other bug report. I would mark
them as a duplicate, or add them to Depends/Blocks, if I'd be sure.

From my point of view, it doesn't make much sense to have both Bugzilla
and gitlab issue tracker running at the same time and let the product
maintainers decide what is better for them. There should be some
consistency. You cannot tell the reporter that the issue he/she filled
belongs to other project, but that project issues are hosted elsewhere
(even still under domain). I understand this whole initiative
to also make life easier for sysadmins, where maintaining two issue
trackers doesn't sound like less work for them.


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