Paperwork / Gnome's dos and don'ts


As discussed in a previous thread, I am interested in hosting Paperwork ( ) on I got no objection from the other
contributors, so I assume they are all fine with that.
However, before making the move, I would need some clarifications on what is allowed and what is

a) Non-Gnome components

While developing Paperwork, I made various Python modules for it:
- PyOCR (OCR tools wrapper):
- PyInsane (scanner access):
- Libpillowfight (image processing):

In the long term, I will try to replace them by developing alternatives based on GObject
Introspection. But right now, those modules don't use GTK+/Gnome technologies at all and therefore
don't meet the prerequisites to be hosted on[1].

Even if Paperwork depends on them, I assume I won't be allowed to host them on, right ? 

b) Commercialization of Windows portage

A while ago, I tried to sell the Windows version of Paperwork. It was based on a 60 days trial
period + activation keys (the code is still visible on GitHub, but it is disabled). It didn't have
much success at the time, but I still haven't forgotten my dream of being rich someday ;). I'm
considering re-trying later (I'm thinking of keeping the version N-1 free and making the version N

Would that be a compatible with being hosted on ?
Would that hurt the chances that Paperwork becomes an extra app of Gnome someday ?

Best regards,



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