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b) Commercialization of Windows portage

A while ago, I tried to sell the Windows version of Paperwork. It was based on a 60 days trial
period + activation keys (the code is still visible on GitHub, but it is disabled). It didn't have
much success at the time, but I still haven't forgotten my dream of being rich someday ;). I'm
considering re-trying later (I'm thinking of keeping the version N-1 free and making the version N

Would that be a compatible with being hosted on ?
Would that hurt the chances that Paperwork becomes an extra app of Gnome someday ?

I would reach out to the board on this particular question.  My personal opinion is the GPL does allow you to make money and you would still be compliant with the license.  I would do some investigations on a money model around GPL'd software.  You might want to talk with Aaron Brockover who wrote Banshee music player.

The worry I have is further down the road, and for arguments sake: suppose Paperwork becomes a core application of GNOME there might be some misunderstanding with the community and accusations of bait and switch[1] that we might have to defend at first.  So communications around this is very critical here.  Because once that misunderstanding occurs, it stays persistent for quite some time.  As someone who usually does the defending, I've usually found it a big headache.  So this message is partially in my own self interest. :-) 

Finally, if you're using some of the designs from Allan or other GNOME designers, you would be using their work, time and effort to generate income.  Now they might not mind, but you probably want to talk to them up front in regards to compensation (if any).  You are also leveraging the GNOME brand here intentionally or not.  So these are things that you must work out with the Board of Directors. 

If you do go down that route, I hope that some portion of the proceeds will be contributed to the GNOME Foundation.  I do hope that you succeed.  I think it is important for the market for applications if there was a model that succeeded, and that one can make money from copyleft software directly from users. 


[1] - I am not in anyway accusing you of planning a bait-n-switch - just that a semblance of impropriety can start an internet mob going and harm our brand.

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