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Hello Alexandre (I got your name right :P),

The team was composed by people with no previous bias, except Alberto who initially approached us towards GitLab, and me liking Phab more.
Said that, over the testing period of more than 3 months we evaluated both options as extensively as possible, and all members of the original team tended more and more towards GitLab with as a clear choice, and more people like Alberto Alfan, Mathias Bengston, Javier Jardon and others raised their willing to help with GitLab and started prototyping parts of the eventual integration (CI, etc.).

When this happened, we decided we needed to calibrate this again, although we started with a balanced team and always doing as neutral as possible.
This is when we approached specifically people that currently are using Phab and prefer Phab on their work. Those are Emmanuelle Bassi (this proposal is written on behalf of him too) and Daniels, both from Endless where they use Phabricator extensively.
After some time of discussions, videocalls, and testing, we all, together with Emmanuel and Daniels, decided GitLab was the best choice for the GNOME project for the reasons stated in the wiki (and all the details we have been seeing for this time of course).

Summarizing, we didn't look just to GitLab and though it's good enough, rather, we took a look at all the options we could, evaluated them through this months, contacted people that could help from those tools, and then evaluated again.
Then we polished and minimized the wiki with the final decision in mind for helping on getting an overview, so that's probably why you see the wiki is written in that way.

Hope is clear now :)

Carlos Soriano

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On Tue, May 16, 2017 at 3:22 PM, Allan Day <aday gnome org> wrote:
> In recent months we have got together to examine the possibilities for
> GNOME’s development infrastructure. We’ve spent a lot of time on this,
> because we want the community to have faith in our conclusions. If you are
> interested in this, you can read our research on the wiki [1].

Excellent. I think most will agree it’s time we implement such changes.

> The outcome of this evaluation process is that we are recommending that
> GNOME sets up its own GitLab instance, as a replacement for Bugzilla and
> cgit.

This mail mentions Gitlab as the only alternative. I know some people
suggested to consider Phabricator, yet your proposal doesn’t mention
it and by the looks of the wiki pages your research has been focused
around Gitlab. Now I know very little about both Gitlab and
Phabricator so I won’t push or block anything, but I’m a bit worried
that this wasn’t given enough scrutiny. In particular, I saw that
Phabricator has a tool for mockups/design (Pholio [0]) that really
looked like something we’d make good use of. It would allow our
designers to stop using Github, Dropbox, and such non free,
not-on-our-infrastructure tools.

So did you just look at Gitlab and think it’s good enough, or did you
actually consider Phabricator (and maybe other alternatives) and pick
Gitlab as the best fit?


Alexandre Franke
GNOME Hacker & Foundation Director
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