Re: How could GNOME become the de facto desktop environment

Sriram Ramkrishna:
> Please be aware, that we were not involved in the decision by Ubuntu
> to make GNOME the default desktop.  If you are unhappy about this
> decision, I strongly suggest you speak with those who made the
> decision.

They have told me they would be happy talking about it.

Sriram Ramkrishna:
I'm sorry that you were unhappy with the GNOME experience and hope that
you do find a desktop that better fits your needs.

It's not about my personal taste. My aim is finding a desktop environment that would fit the average person needs.

There's always a small amount of people that would dislike your product, but when half the people don't like it that can only be because the concerns are real.

The question is if you are going to build an inbred product only, or you will be making something that most people would love.

Alberto Fanjul Alonso:
> Many of us think if you use mouse to interact with your laptop you
> have nothing to offer in terms of usablity of a distro, but in how to
> get easily a RSI.

I completely commands the desktop from the keyboard myself. Tell that to this people:


Alberto Fanjul Alonso:
> I found your video constructive so don't tag it with that
> opinionated subject.

Innovation is opinionated by nature.

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