Re: How could GNOME become the de facto desktop environment

Hey Alberto,

Just to give you background:

I found your video constructive so don't tag it with that opiniotated subject. How about "tweaks in GNOME desktop for developers"?

I hate dock with passion, so what works and what didn't works is really a byased opinion (I left unity almost just for that, well and for package management).

About open a bug with a video you need to realize that there's a lot of them open everyday, so to catch the maintainers eye you need to add some text with a resume of what you offer on that video, basically:

- 1 I feel uncomfortable this usage
- 2 I like this as solution
- 3 This is how it can be fixed (if your solution is not ready or lacks some functionality)

About alternatives, Do you know about <Alt>+<tab> to change applications and <Super>+<tab> to change between same kind of application?

Many of us think if you use mouse to interact with your laptop you have nothing to offer in terms of usablity of a distro, but in how to get easily a RSI

Hope you get use to GNOME desktop and try to contribute to it. Making videos explaining its usage is really appreciated and add lot of value for new GNOME users.

El lun., 1 may. 2017 a las 6:13, Sriram Ramkrishna (<sri ramkrishna me>) escribió:

On Sun, Apr 30, 2017 at 8:41 PM Alberto Salvia Novella <es20490446e gmail com> wrote:

Thank you for your bug report.  Clearly, you put some work into it with your included video link. 

Please be aware, that we were not involved in the decision by Ubuntu to make GNOME the default desktop.  If you are unhappy about this decision, I strongly suggest you speak with those who made the decision.

I'm sorry that you were unhappy with the GNOME experience and hope that you do find a desktop that better fits your needs.

That said, this mailing list is for developers to discuss internal issues with GNOME and its modules and is not a user forum.  Please use one of the many user forums that are available.   Thank you and I hope that you have a pleasant day.


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