Mycroft GNOME Shell Extension & Request to join the community

Hello community,

I recently released the Mycroft AI Gnome Shell Extension for the Gnome
Shell Desktop Environment. The shell extension is a front end to
Mycroft AI which can be described as an open source digital assistant
for the Linux platform. The gnome shell extension with Mycroft Core
provides users a number of intelligent skills which can be interacted
with via text and voice input. One of the main goals of my work on the
gnome shell extension is to get a smart open source digital assistant
like Mycroft to interact with the gnome desktop environment via voice
and/or a graphical interface, with a possibility of a deeper
integration with the desktop environment and other gnome applications
that are included with the desktop.

I am posting this email as I would like the Mycroft gnome shell
extension project to be a part of the gnome community and get a chance
to host my extension on gnome infrastructure. I have my repository for
the extension currently hosted on Github and it is also listed on the
gnome shell extensions website, where I am currently doing most of the
release work.  As I am quite new to the development process on the
Linux desktop environment I do not have a lot of experience on how to
go about joining the community and contributing to the gnome project.
I would like to request someone to please guide me with this process
of how my project and I can become a part of the community and with my
skill-sets be able to contribute to other gnome community projects.

The current hosted git repository can be found at:

The extension download link:

Demo of the extension at :

Thanking You

Rahul Mehra

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