For projects switching to Meson *only*

Hi everyone;

since maintainers have started switching to Meson for the development
cycle (awesome!) I'd like to ask for a favour: if you're dropping
autotools entirely, could you please add a `configure` wrapper script
that conforms to the build-api[1] that GNOME Continuous uses?

A simple script is available here[2], and it has nice properties, like
being able to work with a simple:

  sudo make install

which makes distributors and integrators happy.

Before you ask: yes, I'm looking at adding Meson support to
Continuous, as part of a larger rework of the manifest file to adapt
to the Flatpak builder manifest format; that will take time, though,
so in the interim it'd be great if we didn't have to ship a patch for
every project, when the alternative is simply dropping a script into
the project's top-level.



[@] ebassi []

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