Re: Fractional Scaling on Wayland

Hi Matt,

Matt Shindala <matt shindala gmail com> wrote:
My laptop has a 1080p 13.3" screen. On Windows, 1.5x scaling is automatically applied. I tried GNOME on Wayland with Fedora 25 and I couldn't get it to scale 1.5x - it could do 1x and 2x but not 1.5x. Does GNOME support this? I found a thread from 2014 that seemed to indicate that some work was being done on it in Wayland but I wasn't able to find any other information about it. 

The only thing we currently support is font scaling, which can be accessed from the Tweak Tool.

My understanding is that fractional UI scaling is something that is going to be worked on for the next release. This is something that Christian Schaller blogged about recently:



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