Re: Develop of gnomeradio

Hi George,

You were apparently not subscribed to the mailing list, your email has
appeared on the mailing list only today.

On Thu, Feb 16, 2017 at 02:31:22PM +0200, George Pojar wrote:
I took gnomeradio from archive in GNOME git [ ] and redesign,
actualize and modernize the original gnomeradio application that
according to its developer, is not under active development anymore
since 2008.

Here is a new package gnome-radio to listen to FM radio in GNOME [ ]

In Debian gnomeradio package has been removed from development
repository due to the lack of a maintainer.
The source package gnomeradio is at 1.8-2 in Ubuntu, whose development
was provided by me through some patches, but now I have decided to
rewrite almost entirely this application.

I am interested to further develop this application in GNOME.

Good news! Indeed it would be better to keep the development of
gnome-radio on the infrastructure.

All the information is here:

You need to ask for a git account at least:

Thanks for your work!


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