Re: Develop of gnomeradio

Hi George

I found this project(gradio) a few weeks ago, and you might be interested in it.


On Wed, Apr 12, 2017 at 5:52 PM George Pojar <geoubuntu gmail com> wrote:

I took gnomeradio from archive in GNOME git [ ] and redesign,
actualize and modernize the original gnomeradio application that
according to its developer, is not under active development anymore
since 2008.

Here is a new package gnome-radio to listen to FM radio in GNOME [ ]

In Debian gnomeradio package has been removed from development
repository due to the lack of a maintainer.
The source package gnomeradio is at 1.8-2 in Ubuntu, whose development
was provided by me through some patches, but now I have decided to
rewrite almost entirely this application.

I am interested to further develop this application in GNOME.

Best regards,
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