Re: Do not use -Werror by default in your modules without joining #testable

On 2 April 2017 at 19:20,  <philip chimento gmail com> wrote:

My understanding was the objection was against using Werror as the default
while _not_ paying attention to the CI notifications. Please correct me if
I've misunderstood this.

That is correct.

If the goal of:

 - enabling -Werror by default when building from Git
 - passing --disable-Werror by default for new jhbuild users

is relying on a CI/CD pipeline to proactively fix build issues caught
by -Werror, then people opting into this by using autotools macros
should *really* be looking at the Continuous pipeline state. We have
old school "push notifications" in the form of the #testable IRC
channel (and the build state gets also relayed to #gnome-hackers on
success/failure transitions).

If you don't care about this kind of things then, by all means:
disable errors by default in your modules.


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