Re: [Evolution-hackers] Switching from Autotools to CMake for core evolution products

於 週三,2016-10-05 於 09:33 +0200,Milan Crha 提到:
this is a heads up that the evolution-data-server, evolution,
evolution-ews and evolution-mapi products will switch from Autotools
CMake for the 3.23.1 release. Each of them has created a wip/cmake
branch, which builds and even runs. I tried to keep things as close
they were with the Autotools, but I made some cleanup changes here
there (the evolution installs more shared libraries, evolution-ews
evolution-mapi have some installed libraries renamed and/or added;
header and pkg-config files for the evolution-ews and evolution-mapi
are not provided any more), thus some tweaks in packaging (apart of
calling CMake instead of autotools) will be required.

Can we have a common way to enable GTK-Doc installation in modules
using CMake? In modules using Autotools, we have --enable-gtk-doc which
is recognized by every module supporting generating documentation with
GTK-Doc . However, we have two important modules using CMake,
Evolution (including Evolution-Data-Server) and WebKitGTK+, but they
require different options to enable GTK-Doc.

Evolution only recognizes -DENABLE_GTK_DOC=ON and WebKitGTK+ only
recognizes -DENABLE_GTKDOC=ON. I think it will be better to have single
way to do it, so users don't have to remember to use different options
when building different modules, and jhbuild users can write single
cmakeargs instead of many module_cmakeargs in jhbuildrc when they want
to install GTK-Doc documentation.

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