Re: Problems regarding jhbuild

On Tue, 2016-10-11 at 01:03 +0530, Abishek Kumar wrote:
can anyone of you help me with this. I would really like to
contribute to
gnome from here on. Thanks in advance.


This vala build error was actually the last straw when I decided to
remove Ubuntu from the list of supported distros. Clearly nobody is
maintaining the jhbuild modulesets to ensure they work on anything not

Anyway, the problem is a bootstrap version of vala needs to be
installed as a sysdep, but we can't make a sysdep for it until the vala
developers stop pointlessly bumping their pkg-config version early
single release. We need one vala pkg-config file that's sure to be
installed, then we can add a sysdep for it. In the meantime the only
workaround is to just install vala with your distro's package manager.


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