Re: Keep shipping also generated gtk-doc html/ folder?

Milan Crha wrote:

On Thu, 2016-06-23 at 09:55 +0100, Philip Withnall wrote:
If I remember correctly, it’s so that the tarballs can be unpacked to
give documentation on without having to build

Actually gtk-doc did ship the generated files in the tarballs before existed, so when I did that part I reused the
files that already existed.

I know there had been quite much buzz about the infrastructure
recently, I hope they won't dislike me, but maybe it would worth to
reconsider this and do build the devel-doc for the
site (easier to say, than to do, but maybe it could be extracted from
the Continuous builds?). can certainly be changed to grab generated HTML
files from any place that would have them.

Also, it seem to me that it's the gtk-doc adding to the tarball that
folder and couple files, thus the place to focus any changes on might
be gtk-doc itself.

Also there has been several efforts to build on gobject-introspection
and expand the documentation to more languages, Mathieu Duponchelle is
working on this; if there's interest we can certainly organize a
session on API docs during the GUADEC.


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